What Are Air Canada Zones?

What do the zones mean on Air Canada?

Your zone number determines when you board the plane and has quickly become an important component of your trip.

Unsurprisingly, Zone 1 means that you’re first on the plane.

There used to be five zones on Air Canada.

Now, with the introduction of Basic Fares, there is a Zone 6 for people who are the very last to board..

How do Air Canada boarding zones work?

Flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express are boarded by zone at most airports. The zone corresponding to your seat is clearly printed on your Air Canada-issued boarding pass.

How much does it cost to choose seats on Air Canada?

Standard SeatStandard Seat – Window or aisle, you decideStandard fareWithin Canada / Canada-U.S.: $10 – $50 * Select international destinations : $20 – $50 * All other itineraries : ComplimentaryBusiness Class / Premium Economy / Latitude / comfort / Flex fares:Complimentary1 more row

What does last to board mean?

basic economy customersLast to board are basic economy customers. Although they are allowed one carry-on, by the time basic economy boards it is likely that overhead compartments will be full and passengers will have to check their bags at the gate.

Why do they board planes front to back?

Boarding front to back means that passengers with bags they want to put into the overhead bins are often forced further back as the bins fill. Then they have to ‘swim’ back to their seats, blocking the aisle. On deplaning, they have to ‘swim’ back against the deplaning passengers to retrieve their bags.

What is Zone in flight ticket?

Boarding Groups: Zones 1 to 4. Zone 1 passengers have purchased carry-on bags; Zone 3 fliers are toward the back of the plane; Zone 4 fliers are toward the front of the plane.

How do they determine boarding zones?

Boarding zones are based on the weights and balance of the aircraft . Most of the time you see “Zone” or “Group” is this . A LCC with all economy class seats will board the tail of the aircraft first.

How do I get Zone 1 on Air Canada?

Zone 1 will be for those travelling in business class and super elite frequent flyers, and Zone 2 will be for those travelling in premium economy, other frequent flyers as well as those who hold certain credit cards that grant priority boarding.

Is preferred seating worth it?

The Verdict: If all you care about is being seated near the front of the plane, buying a Preferred Seat will save you money over upgrading to Delta Comfort+ — but it doesn’t include all the other extras such as priority boarding and guaranteed bin space.

Is Air Canada preferred seating worth it?

Andrea, according to AC “Preferred Seats are in exit rows, in select bulkhead rows and in the first few rows of the cabin on some flights”. … We’ve chosen to go Premium Economy instead for longer flights with AC. The extra cost was totally worth it (for us). The extra leg room is certainly worth it.

What do you get with Air Canada preferred seats?

Take advantage of a 50% discount on Preferred Seat fees for all North American bookings. From extra legroom to early boarding, and superior overhead bin access, elevate your business travel. Offer valid on all flights across North America where preferred seats are available.

How do you board a plane first?

Tips for First Time Flyers1) Learn the airport procedures. … 2) Check-in online. … 3) Arrive in good time. … 4) Learn the different types of baggage and the rules. … 5) Weigh your baggage at home. … 6) Make your baggage easily identifiable. … 7) Keep checking your itinerary and flight status. … 8) Remember all travel documents & passport.More items…•