Quick Answer: Why Is Wigan In Administration?

How long were Wigan in the Premier League?

Following their 4–1 defeat to Arsenal three days later, Wigan Athletic ended their eight-year spell in the Premier League and became the first team to be relegated and win the FA Cup in the same season..

How much do Wigan owe?

Wigan Athletic’s administrators held a press conference this morning (July 22) ahead of the club’s final game of the season. The administrators have revealed that the club owes £6 million to creditors as they attempt to find a buyer for the struggling club.

Are Wigan in administration?

A Spanish investor has agreed to buy Wigan Athletic out of administration and paid “a substantial deposit”, the League One club’s administrators have announced.

When did Wigan go into administration?

1 July 2020On the 4th June 2020, Wigan declared that ownership of the club had again shifted following a takeover by Next Leader Fund L.P. However, on 1 July 2020, the club entered administration, ostensibly because the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant impact to the club’s finances.

Are Wigan losing 12 points?

Wigan’s relegation to League One has been confirmed after they lost their appeal against a 12-point deduction for going into administration. … The Latics went into administration on 1 July when their new Hong Kong-based owners conceded they could not support the club financially.

How many points were Wigan deducted?

12 pointsThe EFL has confirmed Wigan will be deducted 12 points for entering administration when the 2019/20 concludes on Wednesday evening.

What is happening to Wigan Athletic?

Spanish investor agrees to buy Wigan Athletic out of administration. A Spanish investor has agreed to buy Wigan Athletic out of administration and paid ‘a substantial deposit’, the League One club’s administrators have announced.

Why has Wigan gone into administration?

Wigan Athletic has gone into administration with the famous football club facing a fight for survival. The ‘significant impact’ of Covid-19 on the clubs finances was cited as a key reason for the dramatic announcement today.

What does it mean when a football club goes into administration?

In simple terms, administration is an attempt to rescue a business from the threat of liquidation, a process whereby a company (in this case a football club) is brought to an end, and any assets are redistributed. The simple aim of entering administration is to keep the club going.

Why have Wigan been deducted 12 points?

Wigan Athletic will start next season in League One after an appeal against a points deduction that resulted in their relegation was dismissed. The EFL imposed a 12-point penalty after the club were placed into administration by their owner, Au Yeung, four weeks after he took control.

Will Wigan be docked points?

Second-tier Wigan Athletic will receive a 12-point deduction after its final game of the season at home to Fulham on Wednesday, the English Football League (EFL) has confirmed. The sanction has been imposed after Wigan went into administration this month.

Can Wigan stay up?

STAY UP: If Luton beat Blackburn Rovers and Charlton or Wigan fail to win, the Latics’ appeal being turned down, then Town will stay up. … A defeat might be enough as long as Hull, Barnsley and Wigan don’t win, again the Latics points deduction in place.