Quick Answer: What Does HX Mean In Aviation?

What does HX stand for in chemistry?

Markovnikov’s rule (Markovnikov addition): In an addition reaction of a protic acid HX (hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, or hydrogen iodide) to an alkene or alkyne, the hydrogen atom of HX becomes bonded to the carbon atom that had the greatest number of hydrogen atoms in the starting alkene or alkyne..

What does Lopa mean in aviation?

Aircraft Interior Configuration DocumentAircraft Interior Configuration Document (May commonly be called a LOPA) The Aircraft Interior Configuration Document is an engineering diagram of the aircraft’s cabin interior that includes, but is not limited to, locations of passenger and flight attendant seats, emergency equipment, exits, lavatories, and galleys.

What does the abbreviation HX stand for in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: HAbbreviationMeaningHUShemolytic uremic syndromeHVAhomovanillic acidHVLThigh-velocity lead therapy (facetious term for gunshot wound)Hxhistory (of)138 more rows

What does FWD mean in aviation?

FWD in AviationFWDFalling Weight Deflectemeter Aircraft, IndustryFWDForward + 2 variants Dance, Texting, SportFWDForwarded Communication, Technology, AircraftFWDForwarding Technology, Aircraft, Airway

What does DX stand for?

Diagnosis, Dx or Dx in medical shorthand.

What is SSR in Amadeus?

You enter a Special Service Request (SSR) to request a special service for a passenger such as a special meal, a wheelchair and others.

What does HX mean?

historyNoun. Hx. (medicine) Abbreviation of history.

What does SSR stand for in aviation?

Secondary Surveillance RadarSecondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) – SKYbrary Aviation Safety.

What does HXH mean in texting?

Hunter X HunterInternet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture (1) HXH — Hunter X Hunter.

What does secondary to mean?

Secondary to means not of primary or main concern. Something that is secondary in importance does not mean that it is not important, it can still be very important, but something else (primary) is more relevant for the current discussion. For example.

What is TSN CSN in aviation?

CSN – Cycles since new (applies to engine components). … For instance, an aircraft engine must be removed after 5,000 cycles for overhauling maintenance regardless of performance.

What does the abbreviation HX mean aviation?

No Specific Working HoursHX. No Specific Working Hours. Technology, Aircraft, Airway.

What does HX mean in texting?

hug and kisshug and kiss is used in Texting Romance. The word hx is used in Texting, Slang, Romance meaning history,house,have cancelled,hug and kiss.

What does TX mean?

approved especially for useTexas (approved especially for use with zip code).

What does an arrow pointing down mean in medical terms?

down arrow. decrease(d), down. + plus, positive. –

What does D stand for in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: DAbbreviationMeaningD5W5% dextrose in water – IV fluids for intravenous therapydday(s)DAdopamineDAECdiffusely adherent Escherichia coli110 more rows

What is TSN in aviation?

TSN – Time since New (applies to engine components); refers to aerospace or a time measurement relative to the suitability of equipment to an aircraft. … Technicians conduct maintenance procedures, restores the components of the aircraft replacing the necessary parts with new parts.

What does PX stand for?

AcronymDefinitionPXPainPXPixelPXPost Exchange (US Army base retail store)PXPrefix (Morse Code abbreviation)20 more rows

What is an SSR code?

Definition. 1. code (SSR) “The number assigned to a particular multiple pulse reply signal transmitted by a transponder in Mode A or Mode C.” 2. SSR code “A four-digit octal number received from the aircraft transponder when it is interrogated by a secondary surveillance radar (SSR)”

What can an SSR code be used for?

When a traveler requests special assistance, the airline codes that into their ticket record using a special service request code, or SSR. These codes allow airlines to easily keep track of assistance requests and assign staff accordingly.

What does SX and DX mean?

Rx stands for the Latin Recipe. Dx is Diagnosis. Tx is Treatment. Hx is History. Sx is Symptoms.