Question: Who Is The Best Post Player In NBA History?

Why are there no hook shots in the NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on why players don’t use the skyhook “The reason that young kids today learn how to shoot hook shots is because everybody is so enamored with the 3-point shot.

So the kids don’t want two points.

They don’t want to work with their back to the basket..

Who is the baddest NBA player?

The 10 Worst Players in the NBA Right NowJoakim Noah.Bismack Biyombo. … Luol Deng. … Ian Mahinmi. … Timofey Mozgov. Image via USA Today Sports/Kim Klement. … Cristiano Felicio. Image via USA Today Sports/Jeremy Brevard. … Miles Plumlee. Image via USA Today Sports/Dale Zanine. … Gorgui Dieng. Image via USA Today Sports/Harrison Barden. … More items…•

What is a post scorer?

What is a Post Scorer? A post scorer is a back to the basket player. They’re among the strongest archetypes every year (max strength) and have great offensive attributes in everything except 3 point shooting usually.

Who is the dirtiest player in NBA history?

Bruce Bowen1. Bruce Bowen. Bruce Bowen was the all time-dirtiest player in the history of the NBA.

Who’s better LeBron or Kobe?

The Bottom Line: While LeBron is much more of a team player than Kobe, and is more dominant and holds better stats, Kobe was a more versatile and complete player, a virtuoso with amazing skills and defense abilities.

Where does LeBron rank all time?

All-time NBA Finals pointsRankPlayerTotal1.Jerry West1,6792.LeBron James1,5623.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1,3174.Michael Jordan1,1766 more rows•Oct 11, 2020

What is a post fade?

A signal derived from the channel path of a mixer after the channel fader. A post-fade aux send level follows any channel fader changes. Normally used for feeding effects devices.

What do post moves do in 2k?

Post moves will influence ability to post spin as well as post escape dribble. I think post moves being under playmaking is primarily a way to give post scorers the dream shake badge in the player builder, when they don’t upgrade passing.

Who is considered the greatest basketball player of all time?

Tim Duncan.Larry Bird.Wilt Chamberlain.Magic Johnson.Bill Russell.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.LeBron James.Michael Jordan.More items…•

Who was better Michael or Kobe?

Kobe Bryant has more career points than Michael Jordan, but Jordan was the better scorer between the two. Highlighted by his NBA record 10 scoring titles, Jordan also averaged 30.1 points per game. … His mark during the 1986-87 season is the fifth-highest scoring average of any player in league history.

Who made the first three pointer in NBA history?

Chris FordChris Ford of the Boston Celtics is credited with making the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979. The season opener at Boston Garden was more remarkable for the debut of Larry Bird (and two new head coaches).

Who broke Scottie Pippen’s nose?

Rodman viciouslyThen a card-carrying member of the Bad Boys, Rodman viciously fouled and shoved Pippen toward the stanchion during Game 4 of the 1991 Eastern Conference finals, leaving the dazed Chicago forward with a gash that required six stitches to close.

Is Kobe the best scorer ever?

Greater Scorer Kareem or Kobe: Kareem is the all time leading scorer we all know this. He passed Wilt Chamberlain Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. … Kobe has mastered those shots that’s why he has scored 50 points more than once in his career.

Who has the best hook shot in basketball?

Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar, as Alcindor became known following his conversion to Islam, would go on to develop the most devastating hook shot in basketball history. The “skyhook” perfected by the 7-foot-2 Abdul-Jabbar helped him score an NBA-record 38,327 career points.

Who made the Skyhook famous?

Abdul-JabbarIt’s not that Abdul-Jabbar created the skyhook. But sometimes it’s better to perfect things than do them first. Liza Minnelli had the first crack at “New York, New York,” but Frank Sinatra’s version is the one you mostly hear played at Yankees and Knicks games.

What post moves NBA?

Players usually gain position in the low post with their backs to the basket in order to get as close to the basket as possible and also in order to receive a pass from their teammates. Once they receive the ball, they use a series of moves and counter moves in order to beat their defender and score.

How do you dominate in NBA 2k20?

Pick and RollTo start the pick and roll movement hold L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox) to select the pick.A team mate will then take up the space in front of an opponent.By pressing in the left thumb stick this will allow you to control the angle at which the blocking player is standing.More items…•

Who has the best post moves in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem would have been No. 1 on the list given that he had the single most dominate post move ever.

Who is the best post scorer in the NBA?

Hakeem Olajuwon. 1 of 50. Andy Lyons/Getty Images. … Shaquille O’Neal. 2 of 50. Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images. … Wilt Chamberlain. 3 of 50. Career Stats: 30.1 PPG and 22.9 RPG. … Bill Russell. 4 of 50. Career Stats: 15.1 PPG and 22.5 RPG. … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 5 of 50. … Tim Duncan. 6 of 50. … Karl Malone. 7 of 50. … Bob Pettit. 8 of 50.More items…