Question: What Happened Ashley Cole?

Is Ashley Cole married again?

Sharon is believed to have met footballer Ashley Cole when he joined AS Roma in Italy back in 2014.

The couple are not married and choose to keep their relationship extremely private, with Ashley choosing not to feature Sharon on his Instagram and social media pages..

Who is Ashley Cole dating?

ASHLEY Cole and his girlfriend Sharon Canu have made their first red carpet appearance since the birth of their daughter. The professional footballer and Italian model welcomed their second baby, Grace, in February of this year.

Is Ashley Cole back at Chelsea?

Now Ashley Cole has hung up his boots and is targeting excellence in a new field as a coach after returning to Chelsea to work in our Academy.

What age is Ashley Cole?

40 years (December 20, 1980)Ashley Cole/Age

Why did Cheryl Ashley split?

The couple were hounded by cheating rumours since the beginning of their marriage and in 2008 things came to a head. The couple tied the knot in 2006, two years after they met, and almost immediately Ashley was accused of cheating on her.

Is Ashley Cole retired?

August 2019Ashley Cole/Career end

Who is Ashley Cole married to now?

Cherylm. 2006–2010Ashley Cole/Spouse

How Old Is Cheryl Cole?

37 years (June 30, 1983)Cheryl/Age

Who does Ashley Cole support?

ASHLEY COLE proved his loyalties still very much lie with Chelsea as he reveals he hopes they reach the Champions League over Arsenal. The former England left-back, 39, famously switched North London for West London in 2006. And it is clear his affection remains with the Blues – where he is regarded as a club legend.

Was Ashley Cole an invincible?

With Arsenal he won two Premier League titles, three FA Cups, and was an integral member of the “Invincibles” team of the 2003–04 season, who went the entire league season undefeated. Cole also made an appearance in Arsenal’s first UEFA Champions League final in 2006; the club lost 2–1 to Barcelona.

Who was Cheryl Cole married to?

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versinim. 2014–2016Ashley Colem. 2006–2010Cheryl/SpouseCheryl was married to French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini from 2014 to 2016. She has a one year-old son with her former partner, One Direction’s Liam Payne. Her split with Payne was announced in July 2018.

What team did Ashley Cole play for?

Cole made more than 500 club appearances in a career that took in Arsenal, Crystal Palace (on loan), Chelsea, Roma, LA Galaxy and Derby County.

What’s Ashley Cole doing now?

One source told The Sun: “It was a terrifying experience. “The robbers sounded very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. “They must have deliberately targeted Ashley and cased the place in advance.” Cole, who retired from football last year, currently works for Chelsea as a youth coach.

What is Ashley Cole worth?

$50 millionAshley Cole Net Worth and salary: Ashley Cole is an English professional footballer who has a net worth of $50 million. A football player who began his career with Arsenal in the late 90s, Ashley also became famous for playing for Chelsea and the English National Team.

Is Ashley Cole a Chelsea fan?

Chelsea fans hailed club legend Ashley Cole as a “true blue” after appearing to “snub” Arsenal live on TV. The Englishman made more than 330 appearances for the Blues, winning a Premier League and Champions League title at Stamford Bridge. … When asked about the race for a Premier League top-four place, Cole said.

Is Ashley Cole an Arsenal legend?

Arsenal fans have been reacting to the news that Ashley Cole has retired from football. … Cole began his career at Arsenal and won the Premier League title twice plus three FA Cup trophies and two Community Shield victories with the Gunners.