Question: Is Australian And New Zealand Accent The Same?

Why are Australian and New Zealand accents different?

If you grew up in Australia, your accent is shaped by the history of Australia’s European settlement; if you grew up in New Zealand, your accent is shaped by a different history, so it sounds different.

It’s automatic for us to talk in a similar way to the people around us and this feature is really strong in kids..

What’s the difference between Australia and New Zealand?

Australia is a huge country, it is even bigger than Europe and there only live about 24 million people. New Zealand is a bit smaller, but still a pretty big country and there only live about 4,7 million people.

What accent do they have in New Zealand?

Linguists count “Pākehā English” as the other main accent, and note that it is beginning to adopt similar rhythms, distinguishing it from other stress-timed English accents. It is commonly held that New Zealand English is spoken very quickly.

Do I have an Aussie accent?

Australians have an accent that is often confused with New Zealand’s dulcet tones. However, for those in the know, they are as distinct as Canadian and American accents. Kiwis have a tendency to flatten their vowels, and Aussies have more of a nasally twang.

How do you tell an Australian accent from a New Zealand accent?

Although Australians and Kiwis might sound comparatively close to the untrained ear, research has shown there is a distinct contrast in the pronunciation of vowels. Australians tend to pronounce their vowels with more emphasis on the sound [ee], whereas New Zealanders are more prominent with [u] sounds.