Question: Is Ashley Cole Retired?

How old is John Terry?

39 years (December 7, 1980)John Terry/Age.

Who does Ashley Cole play for?

Chelsea F.C. ReservesAshley Cole/Current teams

Does Ashley Cole have a girlfriend?

Who is Ashley Cole’s girlfriend Sharon Canu? Model and mother of two.

How Much Is Rooney worth?

Rooney’s net worth is estimated at around the £100 million ($130m) mark based on his career earnings so far. The Englishman had the chance to bolster his fortune massively by moving to the Chinese Super League a number of years ago, but chose to turn down that gold rush opportunity.

What age is Ashley Cole?

39 years (December 20, 1980)Ashley Cole/Age

What’s Ashley Cole doing now?

On 21 January 2019, Cole joined Championship side Derby County, reuniting with manager Frank Lampard who was his teammate at Chelsea and with England. He signed a contract until the end of the 2018–19 season.

Why did Cole leave Arsenal?

He admitted that he wanted to leave Arsenal, but he wasn’t thinking about Chelsea or any other English team. His goal was to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid in Spain. But he met with Mourinho and Kenyon in a hotel, they had both been there to meet another player.

Has Cheryl Cole got a boyfriend?

Who is Cheryl dating? Cheryl has revealed she has not been dating since she split from Liam in the summer after two years together.

How much is Ashley Cole worth?

Ashley Cole Net Worth and salary: Ashley Cole is an English professional footballer who has a net worth of $50 million. A football player who began his career with Arsenal in the late 90s, Ashley also became famous for playing for Chelsea and the English National Team.

When did Ashley Cole leave Chelsea?

2014After leaving Chelsea in 2014, Cole enjoyed spells with Roma and LA Galaxy before ending his playing career under former Chelsea team-mate Frank Lampard at Derby.

Which player has won the most FA Cups?

Ashley ColeMost wins and final appearances The record for most FA Cup wins by a player is held by Ashley Cole, who has won it seven times (with Arsenal in 2002, 2003 and 2005, and Chelsea in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012).

What is David Beckham’s net worth?

David Beckham’s net worth is usually estimated at around £300 million (or $450m), though figures often vary.

What football team does Ashley Cole support?

Chelsea F.C. ReservesAshley Cole/Current teams

Is Ashley Cole married?

Cole’s marriage to Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy disintegrated in 2010, nearly four years after they married, amid allegations of infidelity against the football star. The former England international has since gone on have two children with Italian model Sharon Canu, a son born in 2016 and a daughter born in 2018.

Who is Ashley Cole dating now?

ASHLEY Cole and his girlfriend Sharon Canu have made their first red carpet appearance since the birth of their daughter. The professional footballer and Italian model welcomed their second baby, Grace, in February of this year.

How Old Is Cheryl Cole?

37 years (June 30, 1983)Cheryl/Age