Question: How Much Are The Best Seats At Yankee Stadium?

How much is a baseball game in New York?

Tickets for the New York Yankees can cost anything between $10 and a few thousand dollars.

A reasonable price for a good seat falls somewhere in the region of $35 to $105..

How much does it cost to sit behind home plate at Yankee Stadium?

Seats behind home plate at the Yankees new stadium cost $500-$2,500.

How much is a hot dog at Yankee Stadium?

New York Yankees | Yankee Stadium The older of New York’s two teams sells $6 beer and $3 hot dogs. But before you dash off to the next double-header, keep in mind that the New York Yankees hit you with parking fees and game tickets that are among the most expensive in the major league.

What is premium seating at Yankee Stadium?

Enjoy the most intimate views of the diamond, all-inclusive fine dining options, and the greatest amenities Yankee Stadium has to offer in the Legends Suite, located right in the action between sections 014A and 027A. Experience seating fit for a champion.

How much are bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium?

Bleachers 202-204 and 235-238: Face value on these starts at $14, not bad if you believe everything is more expensive in NYC. The view isn’t horrible. Even cheaper seats are the $5 seats in bleacher sections 201 and 239.

What are the most expensive seats at a baseball game?

Miami Marlins.Los Angeles Dodgers. … Chicago Cubs. … Seattle Mariners. … Washington Nationals. Average premium ticket price: $115.02. … Houston Astros. Average premium ticket price: $107.24. … San Francisco Giants. Average premium ticket price: $98.51. … Chicago White Sox. Average premium ticket price: $98.47. … More items…•

Who sits behind home plate at Yankee Stadium?

Legend Seats Level Legends section 19, 20 and 21a are directly behind home plate. Sections 15A, 15B, 16 and 17A are directly behind the Yankees dugout, while 23, 24a, 24b and 25 are directly behind the visitors dugout.

What is the most expensive seat in Yankee Stadium?

Billed by the as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, the legends seats at Yankee stadium are among the most expensive in sports with prices on Stub Hub ranging from $600 up to a whopping $6,000 per ticket.

How much are seats at Yankee Stadium?

54,251Yankee Stadium/Capacity

What are Diamond Club seats?

Enjoy the ultimate baseball experience with this all-inclusive premium seating area located in the first eight rows behind home plate. The Diamond Club offers the best seats in the ballpark, VIP parking and high end food and beverages.

How much are luxury suites at Yankee Stadium?

How much do New york Yankees suites cost? Between $3,000-$5,000. Pricing depends on the date, opponent, suite location, and schedule.

How many people are in Yankee Stadium?

54,251Yankee Stadium/Capacity

How expensive is food at Yankee Stadium?

Food in Yankee Stadium You Shouldn’t Miss The best potential value, especially for a family or pack of bros, is the $20 bucket. At most of the general stands, they sell a bucket of chicken strips and fries or a bucket of sliders and fries for $20. If you pay with a Mastercard, the deal also includes a soda.

Can you bring food into Yankee Stadium?

Guests are permitted to bring food for individual consumption into Yankee Stadium as long as items are brought in a clear plastic grocery-style bag and are consumed in the general seating area. … Clear factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 liter in size or smaller are also permitted.

What are box seats at a baseball game?

Boxes are typically placed immediately to the front, side and above the level of the stage. They are separate rooms with an open viewing area which typically seat five people or fewer. Usually all the seats in a box are taken by members of a single group of people.

What are the best seats at Yankee Stadium?

Legends Suite – The best seats for a Yankees game are those located on the infield and behind home plate in sections 14A-27A. These sections are considered Legends Su… Champions Suite – Adjacent to the ultra-premium Legends Suite sections are the Champions Suite seats.

What are the best seats at a baseball game?

Where to Sit For a Baseball Game – A Comprehensive GuideEvery baseball stadium is different from the next. … The White Sox Scout Seats are the best place to take in a ballgame at Guaranteed Rate Field. … The Green Monster seats in left Field at Fenway Park are some of the most iconic in all of baseball.More items…•

How much are front row seats at Yankee Stadium?

Front-row seat at new Yankee Stadium to cost $2,625.