Question: How Long Can You Stay In Indonesia Without A Visa?

What happens if I overstay my visa in Indonesia?

Overstay of more than 60 days is a crime according to the Indonesian law.

Overstay of more than 60 days is a crime according to the Indonesian law.

Such a delay will be charged at the rate of IDR 1000,000 per day of delay.

A ban on entry (deportation) is to be issued, and the infringer is to be blacklisted..

Can I stay in Bali for 3 months?

If you are planning on staying in Indonesia for more than 60days you will need to get a “multi-visit” visa. … This allows you 90 days in Indonesia but you must leave the country for up to one week. As far as I know this is the only way you will be able to stay in Indonesia for longer than 90 days.

Which countries need Indonesia visa?

Citizens of the following countries are allowed to enter Indonesia without a Visa:169 Countries. Albania. Chad. Haiti. Algeria. Chili. Honduras. Andorra. China. Hong Kong (SAR) Angola. Commonwealth of Dominica. … 169 Countries. Albania. Chad. Haiti. Algeria. Chili. Honduras. Andorra. China. Hong Kong (SAR) Angola. Commonwealth of Dominica.

How long can you stay in Bali without a visa?

30 daysAs of October 2015 people from more than 140 countries are allowed 30-day visa-free stays. All you get is a stamp in your passport. However, this can not be converted or extended. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you should purchase a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for $35 USD.

How much is Indonesia visa fee?

The tourist visa on arrival is issued for a period of 30 days at the price of 35 USD, and this renewable once 30 days in all immigration offices in Indonesia.

Can I go to Indonesia without a visa?

Most visitors to Indonesia may enter without a visa. However, some countries must first obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions before being allowed to enter Indonesia. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months as well as a valid return ticket.

How many times can you enter Indonesia?

60-day tourist visas can be extended four times for 30 days each time for a total stay of 180 days.

How do people in Indonesia stay longer?

If you want to remain in Indonesia for longer than 60-days, you can apply for a 180-day Social Visa once you’ve arrived into Bali. To qualify, you will need a sponsor letter from an Indonesian sponsor, proof that you can support yourself during your stay, and a copy of the sponsor’s identity card.

How can I stay in Indonesia for 3 months?

To stay longer than 60 days you will have to have an invitation letter from an Indonesian citizen. Then you can apply for a social visa at the Indonesian Embassy. Working without a working permit is illegal. In 3 months you can do a lot, diving In Bunaken , Sulawesi or Bali ,North and north east coast.

How much does it cost to live in Bali for 3 months?

Expect to spend $650 to $1,700 per month for a single person living in Bali—families and couples sharing rental costs will save a bit. And it’s possible to spend significantly more on a higher lifestyle.

Can I leave Bali and come back?

Once in Bali it’s quite easy to get your visa extended without leaving the country. … If you leave Indonesia, your visa is voided, and you will need to either apply for another 60-day visa at an Embassy/Consulate, or get a 30-day Visa-on-Arrival to return to Indonesia.

Where do the rich live in Bali?

Uluwatu – Situated on the south west coast of Bali, perched on the famous limestone cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula, is “Billionaires Row” which boasts some of Asia’s most luxurious and expensive villas.

Is Bali visa free?

Do I need a visa for Bali? … Unless you are a foreign national from a few select countries, you will need an Indonesian visa to enter Bali. According to Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia, citizens from the following regions can enter Indonesia visa free for short visits of up to 30 days.

How long can a foreigner stay in Indonesia?

60 daysmore than 60 days. Two main options: As a tourist, you can leave Indonesia for a day and re-enter again, even the next day. You can then get another Visa on arrival or if you need less than 30 days, just get the free entry stamp (Visa Exemption).

Can I live in Bali for 6 months?

Since the cost of living in Bali is relatively low, a lot of people dream of moving here. … Many people living in Bali for a short time, including digital nomads, do so on 30- or 60-day tourist visas or sometimes social/cultural visas, which require a sponsor, but can be extended for up to six months.